Intentional Peer Support

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What is Intentional Peer Support?

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Intentional Peer Support is a way of thinking about and inviting transformative relationships. Practitioners learn to use relationships to see things from new angles, develop greater awareness of personal and relational patterns, and support and challenge each other in trying new things.

IPS is unique from traditional human services because:

  • IPS relationships are viewed as partnerships that invite and inspire both parties to learn and grow, rather than as one person needing to ‘help’ another.
  • IPS doesn’t start with the assumption of a problem. With IPS, each of us pays attention to how we have learned to make sense of our experiences, then uses the relationship to create new ways of seeing, thinking, and doing.
  • IPS promotes a trauma-informed way of relating. Instead of asking “What’s wrong?” we learn to ask “What happened?”
  • IPS examines our lives in the context of mutually accountable relationships and communities — looking beyond the mere notion of individual responsibility for change.
  • IPS encourages us to increasingly live and move towards what we want instead of focusing on what we need to stop or avoid doing.

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Meet with A Peer Support Practitioner


Become a Peer Support Practitioner

This training teaches you to listen and act differently in relationships. It is about going on a journey together and exploring possibilities that contribute to our overall health and well being by practising principles of IPS.

This is a 5-day course that is delivered on Saturdays from 9 Am -4:30 PM over 5 weeks and is free of charge. In return, we ask that you volunteer 20 hours of peer support in our community over the following year. 

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