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Gender Dynamix
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Gender Dynamix

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Crisis & Emergency


If you or anyone you know is experiencing a crisis Dial 111 or your local emergency services. Gender Dynamix is NOT a crisis service.

If someone has attempted suicide or you’re worried about their
immediate safety, do the following:

  • Call your local mental health crisis assessment team, or go with them to the emergency department (ED) of your nearest hospital.
  • If they are in immediate physical danger to themselves or others,
  • Call 111
  • Stay with them until support arrives
  • Remove any obvious means of suicide they might use (e.g. ropes, pills, guns, car keys, knives.)
  • Try to stay calm, take some deep breaths.
  • Let them know you care
  • Keep them talking: listen and ask questions without judging
  • Make sure you are safe

Life Line

Free call 0800 LIFELINE (0800 54 33 54) or
free text HELP (4357)

Depression Helpline

Free call 0800 111 757
or free text 4202

Youth Line

Free call 0800 376 633
Free text 234