Stronger communities through diversity

When we’re talking about diversity, it’s not a box to check. It is a reality that should be deeply felt and held and valued by all of us.

– Ava DuVernay
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How We Help

We are a national organisation that is based in Tauranga. We support trans* people in our communities to help them live fuller, healthier, and happier lives as their authentic selves.

We would love to hear from the trans* community to refine current and future services to meet the needs of the transgender community in a practical manner.


Support Groups and Advocacy

We host a number of support and advocacy services for trans* people, their whanau, parents/guardians, and supporters of gender diverse people.

Educational Seminars

Education and Training

We provide training on diversity and inclusion aimed at business, education, and healthcare to remove barriers that transgender people face in these areas.


Community Resources

Have a look at our community resources page to find help in your area. Click the link below to learn more.


Transgender Needs Research

Getting a better understanding of what trans* people in New Zealand need is essential to provide better access to healthcare and other services in our communities.

Being transgender, like being gay, tall, short, white, black, male, or female, is another part of the human condition that makes each individual unique, and something over which we have no control. We are who we are in the deepest recesses of our minds, hearts and identities.

– Linda Thompson

Support Groups

Every Week at 5:30Pm – 7:30 Pm

Tauranga Trans

Transgender Support Group

Open to adults interested in helpful discussion and support regarding gender variance, transgender experiences, and LGBTQIA issues.

Every Wednesday 5:00pm-7:00pm

Parents, Guardians & Family of LGBTQ+ People

Support Group

This is a group for parents, loved ones, and friends of LGBTQI+ people who are looking for support and are wanting to gain a better understanding of what it means to live as a LGBTQI+ Person.